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At Advanced Scaffolding (SW) Ltd, we have a team of experienced staff specialising in the supply and installation of basic scaffolding through to the more ADVANCED "SPECIALIST" SCAFFOLDING such as Temporary Roof Scaffolding, High Tower, 

Dead Shore, Staircase, Ramp, Tubular drop, Two-way shore, Cantilever drop, etc 


We employ Optima Scaffold Design LLP Engineers for all specialist scaffolding or where "bespoke design" is required. 

We also offer: 

  • Domestic And Commercial Temporary Roofs 

  • Large commercial buildings 

  • Monoflex Sheeting 

  • Debris Netting 

  • Shrinkwrap Protection 

  • Traditional C.I. Roof 

  • System Roofs with Design 

  • 24 Hr Emergency Call Outs 

  • Contact us on 01271 321100 


Advanced Scaffolding (SW) Ltd based in Barnstaple North Devon, are an affordable, trustworthy, reliable company that only employ honest, hardworking scaffolders. 


Advanced Scaffolding (SW) Ltd have experienced all types of Scaffolding; 

  • Working on small private houses, 

  • Numerous housing sites, 

  • Sewage Treatment Works, 

  • Large Industrial units and hangers, 

  • Church steeples, 

  • Bridges/Viaducts, 

  • Tidal Defence Works, 

  • Stages  

  • Grade I Grade II Grade III listed buildings 

Our commitment to excellence is found in every service we provide from start to finish. 


No job is too big or too small. 


Whether you need

  • Scaffolding 

  • Shoring 

  • Forming 

  • Timber Frame Build Scaffold 

  • Temporary Roofs 

  • Chimney Access 

  • Access Bridging 

  • Stairways 

  • Scaffold Design 

  • Temporary Roofing 

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